Story Time


I don’t know if you have seen the video I screen shot this image from. IN the video a fish has hopped up on the edge of a boat and calmly drinks from the can one of the fisherman offers it. It’s pretty funny and reminds me of a story from my Dad.

When Dad was in his early 20s he was fishing for bass on the banks of the Tug river. He hooked a fish and yanked it in. It wasn’t one of the bass he was after but instead was a catfish. He unhooked it and tossed it up on the bank. If you have any experience with catfish you know they don’t die very easy. Dad keep on fishing and that catfish was still on the bank moving around.

Eventually that catfish and Dad got talking and turned out they hit it off pretty good. They got to be good friends and would often hang around together. They did everything together for several months after that. Then one day Dad was fishing off a bridge with that catfish and some how or other that catfish fell off the bridge and drowned before Dad could get to him.


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