Seattle Capital Hill Autonomous Zone


the communists in Seattle that have taken over part of the city now known as the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone are now requesting more people with guns come join their succession . Strange thing for people who are vehemently anti-gun and peaceful.

Seattle protesters begin to camp out on Capitol Hill

“Seattle protesters, stocked with tarps, blankets and tents, have started to camp out in their self-declared Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — the area near the Police Department’s East Precinct at 11th Avenue and Pine Street. The hope, many protesters have said, is to turn the building into a community center. (Sure)

Some remaining demonstrators continued talking and organizing donations past midnight, though the area had mostly cleared out by 2 a.m., multiple livestreams showed. Lights at the nearby Cal Anderson Park stayed on, and police were nowhere to be seen.

Organizers have spent the last couple days devoting areas surrounding the precinct to serve different purposes. One stretch of the street is dedicated to a candlelit George Floyd memorial. Another is filled with street art and spray paint. Medics set up a booth for protesters in another spot. Yet another station offers free snacks.” —Elise Takahama

Link to communist sympathizing news site quoted above-


  1. Apparently, they’re now out of food in the “Free zone” and they’re begging for more.

    This shows the lack of thinking capacity of these children: the “seized” a chunk of ground that can offer up none of the fundamental infrastructure needs they have. They cannot grow their own food, pasture their own cattle, generate their own power – hell, there aren’t even enough trees in the area for them to burn for fuel when (not if) the incoming power and gas are cut off.

    I’m thinking that a wonderful bit of sport could be had by putting on a Che t-shirt, splashing on some patchouli oil (for authenticity), borrowing a VW microbus from some Deadhead, and then bringing in a whole lot of tofu that has some laxatives mixed into it. Give it to them for ‘free’ ‘to help the cause, man!’

    Folks need to think unconventional and asymmetric conflict here. There have been so many postings here of spec-ops unconventional thinking here – we need to start thinking out of the ordinary to deal with these symps.

    • Ell. Oh. Ell. What, you mean that you can’t run an economy purely on a smug sense of self-righteousness? They’ve run the rest of their lives that way. Does anybody have the trustee’s number handy?

      Why is it that these vanguards of the working class never seem to know how to, you know, work?

  2. It’s worse than you can imagine.
    The price of a double decaf Chai soy Latte’ and an order of Avocado Toast has gone thorough the roof!
    $40 for the Latte’s alone and anothe $15 for the Avocado Toast.
    And they won’t take bitcoins!

    The Church I was raised in is across the street from People’s Park in Berkeley, I remember those riots vividly because the cops flooded the area with tear gas during the middle of a sermon.
    Lots of older parishioners and a few youngsters like my sis and myself.
    Not a good scene.

    So how did that end?
    The “Park” ended up being a shithole, literally.
    Human dung, dog shit, discarded needles, homeless druggies…a people’s paradise.


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