Live stream to one the entrances to Antifa’s Seattle “AUTONOMOUS ZONE”.



  1. Sure, the FBI can burn the Branch Davidians to death, but when dirty trustafarians set up a parallel government in the middle of one of America’s great cities, they are busy tapping the President’s telephone or something.

    • Seattle hasn’t been a great City for a LONG time. It is the West Coast Detroit or Baltimore. Nobody outside Seattle wants to go there anymore.

  2. I would just like to leave you all with a few thoughts. While, CHOP,CHAZ aka CCP is simultaneously setting up house in Seattle, China is busy flying over Taiwan, as I notice that this new house that China built is setting up shop right under a Thai business. “Primarily, it has been about the Taiwan-China issue,” said Tong. “In my experience, it’s the most aggressive campaign that I’ve seen,” describing a bidding war of uncosted ( of a policy or proposal) not having had its exact costs calculated: uncosted spending commitments/) policies and combative claims over whether or not Kiribati will benefit from relations with Beijing”. So my question to all you brainiacs. Did you kill anybody inside your walls of communism yet?


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