Capital Hill Autonomous Zone Already Has Wannabe Warlords & Dictators


The commies in Seattle are already being what we all knew they would turn into.

“Who runs barter town!?”


  1. No more perfect illustration of the idea that “…you get what you ask for…” could be had, anywhere in the world.

    I’m kinda curious, though–Should some bright light decide to start killing these anarchist opportunists, what happens then? Do they call the police, and claim “murder was done here!”?

    Gonna be interesting to watch. I almost hope they keep this going, as an ongoing illustration of why we can’t have nice things when you let Democrats and anarchists live. End of the day, this is going to create more right-wing believers than it does leftists.

    • You can bet your sweet bippy that if somebody went in there and waxed a few of those kids that the Seattle Police Department and the rest of the JV team that run that overgrown Montessori School would do everything they could to put that person behind bars.

      OTOH, that would be a remarkable demonstration of anarcho-tyranny.

      It would be entertaining to find out how many 911 calls it triggered, though.

  2. “Nice little business you have here. Be a shame if anything was to happen to it. $500 to the Citizen’s Committee for Public Safety will protect you”. That was onebof the best Lols I’ve had in years.

    Not to mention “Hey….I decide what graffiti gets sprayed on what buildings in this freedom zone” BIFF…KRACK….

    There isn’t enough popcorn.

  3. So stuck with me here, guys: We could set up some kind of rules or norms or something that everyone has to live by. You know, simple stuff like not taking each others’ stuff or killing each other. We could call them “regulations,” maybe, or “stuff we all hafta do or not do.” Then we could appoint certain people who could be responsible for making sure that things operated according to those things we all hafta do or not do.

    I know, I know, it’s off to the re-education camp for me.


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