3 Major Antifa ( Communists) Myths


This is a pretty good article. I can’t imagine anyone who reads this website doesn’t already know these things but maybe you know some one who still thinks that the communists known as ANTIFA are a right wing boogey man myth.

“Anyone who has actually dealt with Antifa in the streets or online in recent years already knows the grim truth, but with the assistance of an always pliant and sometimes fawning news media, Antifa has successfully deluded a huge number of Americans about its true intentions.

Myth #1: “Antifa isn’t really a group; it’s just a vague, leaderless blob of people who oppose fascism!”

Reality: Antifa is a collection of highly-organized terrorist cells with defined leadership, well-developed tactics, and deep connections to each other, both in the United States and abroad.

These groups did not spring up out of nowhere, either. As astute journalists have noted for years, American Antifa cells emerged decades ago out of the most radical elements of the declining American skinhead scene and in emulation of Europe’s fantastically violent anarchist, communist, and “squatter” street gangs. Today, thanks to the brave Project Veritas undercover journalist, we have confirmation that Rose City Antifa was founded by Caroline Victorin, a woman who, through her Swedish husband, has links to the Antifa groups in that country and sought to emulate their tactics in America.

Myth #2: “Antifa’s mission is vague!”

Reality: Antifa’s mission is violence.

“The whole goal of this  is to get out there and do dangerous things as safely as possible,” Rose City Antifa organizer “Ashes” told recruits in the undercover video. His comrades Nicholas Cifuni and Adam Rothstein were kind enough to explain what they mean by “dangerous things.”

Myth #3: Antifa’s target is “fascists!”

Reality: Antifa’s target is you.

Antifa’s goal is not to “end racism” or protect America from some imaginary fascist threat. Their goal is to dismantle the United States itself  as their own slogan declares, “no border, no wall, no USA at all.”

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