Not Berlin in 1945. Minneapolis.


Some worthy on twatter posted this video. Touring the remnants of the “peaceful protests” in Minneapolis.

Yep, I’m sold, no need for a police department there. Not at all.


  1. I would say let them do away with the Police Force there. Be sure that every town around it has sector cars at bordering streets. Sit back and watch the fun!

  2. It’s hard to escape the feeling that these Democrats have fouled their own nests, and it’s hard to escape a certain schadenfreude at these folks abolishing their own police departments.

    But I keep coming back to the fact that the people trying to abolish police departments are the same people who have been trying to abolish the very concept of self-defense. They are also the people who were emptying the jails during the Covid lockdowns. I think this won’t be a net benefit for anyone but the hard Left.

    • Not a ridiculous concept that there might be a bit of payback involved, after years of alleged CIA involvement in Syria, the Ukraine, Georgia, HK, etc, etc


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