Michigan police chief supports 2nd Amendment-gets fired


According to the Lowell Police Department, the four men armed themselves to patrol Lowell in response to the situation in Grand Rapids.

“So these fine young men called me today. They wanted to exercise their Second Amendment rights and walk down Main Street. They saw what happened in Grand Rapids. They said it’s not going to happen here. We have your backs. I thanked them for letting me know they were in town and to call if they see something,” wrote Bukala on Facebook.

Earlier this week the LPD posted and defended the four armed men on social media.

“Greetings just to inform you the public we will have four open carry Second Amendment citizens walking Main Street…They’re well within their Second Amendment rights to do this. We are aware, there’s no need to call us,” read the LPD post.

Afterward the LPD apologized for defending the men on its Facebook page.

Lowell Police Department
on Thursday
We have made mistakes on social media this week, starting with an ill-considered message posted on the Lowell Police Department Facebook page. We then defended this message, arguing with residents or dismissing their concerns.

On behalf of the City and the Police Department, we apologize to our community for these mistakes. At a time when residents looked to us for leadership, we failed. We must take this opportunity to listen and learn so we can work together to defeat racism and build a more just and equitable society. We can and must do better

Feelings over rights now my dudes.



  1. By ‘going on patrol’ those men are essentially looking for trouble and cannot claim self-defense if needed. It’s not the same as when trouble comes to you.

      • If it was good enough for the Black Panthers in the 60’s, it’s good enough for the white man today.

    • Mark, within the last week, we’ve seen police forces abandon the field to looters and rioters nationwide. What are peaceable, law-abiding citizens to do to demonstrate that these things won’t be tolerated in their town? For the past 1-200 years, the answer to that has been, “Hire and empower a local police department.” That’s not going well, and now the Left is demanding the disbanding of police departments. So what is left?

    • Are there any Men in Michigan still!
      Well if you don’t have the cojones to stand up to these Communists and run them out of stat and out of country, and run for offices yourself to fight for your family and Country….don’t move down here! Our women don’t have enough aprons and skirts for you to hide behind. You let them do this to your Chief, who said he supports the Law the Supreme Law of the Land, our Constitution, your Bill of Rights:…bunch of weak old women


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