Pack it in guys, Tom Arnold has organized Hollywood against us.



  1. I really don’t understand the freakout of the lack of name tags. First the only reason you want their names is so you can track then down on their personal lives later so no surprise they wouldn’t wear them. Second that riot gear probably isn’t specific to each officer so it was probably just in a pile in the arms room to be handed out.
    Oh and apparently III% is considered white supremacists now. A cop in CA had a gadsen flag and 3% patches on his armor so that must mean hes a white supremacist who’s comrades were at Charlottesville. No shit that is what is going around now. The shit that these people come up with boggles the mind.

    • Everyone to the right of Mitt Romney is now labeled a white supremacist. Everyone who thinks that police forces should exist is now labeled a white supremacist.

      This is what passes for political discourse in 2020 USA.

  2. Those boys in blue have been identified as being from the Bureau of Prisons special response Teams.
    As far as Arnold goes, if brains were dynamite he couldn’t blow his nose.


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