82nd Airborne D-Day Display


These are courtesy of mypublicside , a friend on instagram with the same interests. It’s his display of 82nd Airborne Division gear used on D-Day.

If you don’t recognize those two pouches on the front of the web belt it’s because thsoe were never official issue. Those were rigger made by division parachute riggers. They help frags, M1 magazines, M1 Garand block clips etc. The Thompson gunner likely had 4 fragmentation grenades in them.

The Yellow painted grenade is correct. Yellow was the color the military used/uses for explosives. Guys in pacific found out pretty quick that the yellow color made for a great target. Later frags were painted OD but with a yellow band at the top of the body to still ID it as explosive. Of course lots of yellow grenades were still out there and it took time before they solid yellow frags were used up.

The arm brassard on the right arm was supposed to turn color when exposed to chemical weapons. They were issued out for the invasion. Uniforms used in the invasion were also treated in a chemical to make them some what repellent for chemical weapons. The treatment made them stuff and very hot and uncomfortable. After the first couple of days it didn’t take long for the GIs to gather up large tubs, fill them with water , get it boiling and drop their uniforms in to wash the treatment out.

The neckerchief is a section of the camo parachute silk cut out and used. Officers and NCOs were issued a silk neckerchief with a map of Normandy and most of France printed on it for E&E purposes if needed.


  1. I just learned this week that apparently they had stock piled a ton of the still yellow painted grenades for the invasion, so even though by 44 they were all green and when you see pictures of other early campaigns they were green. But then when you see photos of Normandy a ton of yellow ones show up because they handed them all over. So if you see a photo that looks like Europe but arnt sure of what battle or time period the yellow drags are a good indicator that it is Normandy since they were all used up for the most part by the end of the campaign.
    Hope I articulated that clearly haha

  2. Thanks for the shout out by the way. Ever since Instagram changed the was things can be seen hardly anyone sees it.


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