Mice Infested Rifle


From a B-ARFCOM thread today. I sure wouldn’t have thought this would happen.

Well, this is a new one to me.

Went to install a MBT in a Sig AR and found this when I opened it.

I’m thinking: WTF is that? Looks like bugs. No. That’s a fucking grain of fucking rice but how in the hell.

So I slipped the upper back on and looked. And realized. Yep. That mag well is a perfect hidey hole for my nemesis to hang out and store food. Safe has a couple holes from previous mounting.

Little fuckers got in the safe…with food….climbed up my rifle…and shoved it in the mag well, and it fell down the space between the bcg and lower.

Total contents. I don’t know what those seeds are.


  1. I used to live in a house that predated the Union-Confederate war. Mice? Sure. Squirrels? Those bastards would break in and stash dog food behind books on the shelf, in cabinets, you name it. Not pieces but piles. They left guns alone oddly enough.

    Did you ever have a wasp try to crawl into your A2 handguards? That’s unpleasant.

    • A couple of years ago, some friends had a squirrel crawl into their dryer vent and get stuck. Whereupon he got cooked. Whereupon the man of the house had to clean our air-popped squirrel from their dryer vent. He reported that it was unpleasant.

    • *Should add most cheap birdseed blends have brown millet, which most birds DO NOT eat, so they get pulled out and cast to the ground by the birds for varmints, etc, to pickup.

      Wild birds do eat white millet. Larger birds like chickens will eat brown millet, but not most wild birds — unless they’re starving.


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