Wilson Combat Bullet Proof® Adjustable Lo-Profile Gas Block


Wilson Combat has developed a combat tough, Bullet Proof® adjustable gas system for AR-15 and AR-10 platform rifles.  Adjusting your rifle’s gas volume will moderate your cyclic rate and tailor your gun’s performance to your shooting needs. This adjustable gas system is especially useful on short barreled rifles, match rifles, suppressed rifles and rifles chambered in non-standard AR calibers and when shooting a variety of factory and custom hand-loaded ammunition.

This all-new adjustable gas system has been designed based on user-feedback from top tactical and competition AR shooters and are available for AR-15 and AR-10 platforms in a variety of gas lengths and barrel diameters.  This gas system will withstand high round count, sustained and suppressed shooting without seizing up over time-the typical weak link of all available adjustable blocks.  Moderating your rifle’s gas lowers cycling rate which can reduce wear and tear on your component parts, reduce felt recoil and reduce carbon fouling and blowback.

The Wilson Combat Bullet Proof® Adjustable Gas system has 16 clicks of adjustment, allowing the shooter to fine tune their specific rifle to their ammunition for optimized performance. The internal stainless steel regulator assembly actually cuts carbon like an auger as you adjust the block ensuring that it will not clog or sieze during or after heavy use. The regulator allows full cut off and prevents excess carbon fouling.  The robust adjustment screw is a common flat head size so no special tools are required for field tuning or adjustment.

The Bullet Proof® Gas System comes fully assembled with a straight gas tube that ensures better mating with your bolt’s gas key and higher strength under sustained fire than a typical “bent” gas tube.  The black nitride finished block will match most AR finishes and ensures your block will remain corrosion free.

  • 4140 Steel gas block with rust proof black nitride finish
  • 17-4 Stainless steel regulator screw/auger with rust proof black nitride finish
  • 16 clicks of adjustment to fine-tune the gas pressure of any AR rifle
  • Flathead adjustment screw resists seizing and head stripping
  • Pre-installed, straight gas tube for improved gas seal and strength
  • Easily user installed and tuned for perfect function
  • Multiple lengths and sizes to fit most common AR-15/AR-10 barrel diameters and gas system lengths


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