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A South Philadelphia gun shop owner shot and killed a man trying to break into his store early Tuesday morning amid heightened looting concerns.

Philadelphia police said the owner of Firing Line Inc. was staying the night inside the shop on South Front Street because over the last few nights someone had tried breaking in.

The owner told police he was monitoring his surveillance camera and saw three or four men trying to get in around 4:15 a.m. The group was using bolt cutters on the gate. A broken lock could later be seen on the ground.

The group then smashed in the back door and broke glass, police said. When they made it upstairs the 67-year-old owner started shooting his Bushmaster M4 rifle, striking shot one man in the head, police said

That man — who was in his 20s — died in the store, police said. The other men ran off. Police found a handgun by the dead man that the owner said does not belong to his shop. Investigators believe the burglars brought that with them.

An injured person turned up at Jefferson University Hospital, which investigators said could be connected to this. The person was shot in shoulder.

The business owner was not hurt, police said.

The South Philly neighborhood where this happened has seen members of the community protecting stores from looting that has spread across the city over the past several days.

Another Shop owner teaches a lesson. Unrelated to story above.


  1. Shawn, please double-check your AP style guide. The people who broke in to the gun shop were “protestors,” not “men,” “looters” or “rioters.”

  2. I know that shop.

    It has been there for a very long time. His attitudes are well known in the area. He had only one option and those idiots just found that out.

    How stupid do you have to be. The police response time is on the order of 10min. Every gunship owner in Philly knows this and therefore there is only one response. Every shop in philly and the surrounding area is going to have the same response

    • I realize you probably got auto smell corrected… but I kind of like the idea of Philly area gunships. 🙂


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