Some MACV/SOG History & Humor


This is a picture of Recon Team Maine of Command & Control Central ready to go on a mission. They are dressed in PAVN ( NVA) uniforms as some teams were wont to do. The idea being it gave them a second or two advantage if spotted by the enemy. The idea being the NVA would see them and take a few seconds to determine if they were friend or foe. Some team leaders just had the indig point man in a PAVN uniform, some used the NVA pith helmet for every team member and some decked out in full uniforms.

Note the AK that is very rare to see in Vietnam at the time.

Under the comments one of the SOG vets gave a little background on the cover story if captured.

I’m very grateful that these guys allowed me to be in their private group. If you enjoy the rare SOG photos and interviews I post from these guys, this is how I get them.


  1. Well, in the US at least they could use the cover story that they were enforcing grazing allotments on USFS lands…


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