Plinking Time


I’ve been drooling over some high dollar precision rifles lately. Like, cost of my car high dollar.

Then I remember that I don’t really do precision rifle shooting because I suck at it. I suck at it because I don’t do it.

I decided I needed to get out to the range and shoot my Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. The long distance range near me eliminated their 1000 yard range, so I’ve only shot it twice since then.

I also decided to change the scope on it to a different one. Since I had good zeros on ALL my guns, I figured it was about time for the quarterly move ALL my optics to different guns and have to rezero them all.

It gets worse. I get to the range and there is NO wind, NO mirage, perfect shooting conditions. Damnit. What am I suppose to blame my poor performance on now?

I started at 25 yards and it is good that I did as I would have been completely off the paper had I been farther away. Fired 2 rounds, made an adjustment, fired another to check the adjustment was right. I figured I should be impacting 1.5 mils low at this distance. (actual calculation was 1.4, but 1.5 is plenty close enough for the rough zeroing at 25 yards).

Took the target to 100 yards and started with the 3 shot groups. Had to do a little fine tuning, reset the turrets on the scope for the new zero. Etc.

I hate to admit it, but most of the time I’m trying to shoot precision I am about a 1 MOA shooter. That is provided I am using a gun and ammunition capable of better than that. I find that level of precision suits my needs and I can usually do it on demand. I don’t practice precision shooting enough to be consistently better than that.

I’ve heard some of the consistent quarter-MOA shooters have to practice every week with their setup or their skills dull. That is with regard to the tactical sniper types, not the gun in vise benchrest type which have their own discipline to practice.

My first 100 yard 3 shot group of the day clocked in at exactly 1 inch measured with a machinist rule. My second was about .68 inches.

.050 inch graduations on this steel rule! I hate that number. I don’t like trying to count in 50 thous at a time. That is why this ruler stays in my rifle case and not my Gerstner.

I want a flexible 6 inch and 12 inch and a rigid 24 inch steel rule graduated with 1mm and .2mm on one side and 1/64 and .010 inches on the other. But no one seems to offer that. Maybe someday I will make me some.

After 12 shots I was bored silly and ready to call it quits. Packed up the rifle and then did some pistol shooting.

Look at that shameful shooting. Two of the three shots didn’t even hit what I was aiming at.

Guess I’ll leave the precision stuff to Shawn.


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