What’s going on tonight ?



  1. Atl got a little wound up , burned a police car, got on tv, trashed the front of CNN Center-funny shit except CNN will get some fed cash, in addition to insurance, to cover that… The Mayor, KLB, got on tv and social media and made a speech that was actually pretty good about burning your own stuff and pissing on MLK’s legacy, very black mom shit but she said “you made your point, go home” then she invited “Community Leaders” to include T.I. and another asshole up to throw gas on the fire before I turned it off.
    Meanwhile out in suburbia we are still trying to get used to being less free but safer…

  2. From what I’m seeing, the Democrats are going to be regretting this stuff pretty quickly.

    Most people, especially females, don’t look on riots with approval. They do, however, look well upon someone who does something about riots.

    The Democrats are in a conundrum here – this is their new base of support. Their inner city politicians can’t move that aggressively against the riots (excuse me “protests”) because this will alienate their base. Look at the crap the protestors are giving the press – and the press thought they were on the same side.

    This could become quite interesting.

    • more is going on here with these riots than Victim Class looting and dem voting base. it’s easy to see these as the same as Fergeson but there are a lot of mix motives and anger with a lot of people over the bullshit covid lock downs and The King’s Men doing whatever they want. No doubt some of it is funded and organized and all that , but there is a build up that’s been happening. this is turning into something much more complex and it is not gonna benefit the leftist elites who think they are going to use class warfare to gain more power. We will have to watch and see I guess

  3. Where are the MRAPs now that they might be useful to ordinary Americans? Oh, I forgot, .gov only gets the tanks out when they need to burn women and children out of their homes. Rioters burning American cities from coast to coast? Pfft. I guess the tanks are all in the shop or something.

    As for this not working out the way the Left wants, we’ll see about that. The Left is pro-chaos because chaos not only serves their ends, chaos *is* their end. And if we get a proper crackdown on the rioters to restore order, then they get to LARP as the French Resistance again. Ugh.

    • A distinction needs to be made between violence (looting Target) and force (taking power from the System). “Rioters” are all violence with little force. Those women and children the System incinerates? They’re usually family of men the System classifies as forceful or potentially so.

  4. Shawn, I have to say, when I clicked through on that one Antifa guy’s Twitter feed from here, where he was trying to will right-wing involvement in these riots through the sheer sound of his voice, I did NOT expect that view to be parroted on mainstream news channels within a matter of a couple of days.

    The only question is: was this a prepared op, like the “March for Our Lives” nonsense after Parkland, or did it arise from the Leftist hive-mind? Given the speed at which it took hold, I suspect it was an op.


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