MQ-9 Reaper Drone Over Minneapolis As Riots Worsen



The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is currently flying a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper military surveillance drone above Minneapolis to spy on protesters. 

Here is the live air map via Radar Box showing the CBP-104 flying at 20,000 feet altitude while it gathers intelligence on the social unrest.

This is what the MQ-9 Reaper looks like. 


Yeah, you know the social unrest is that bad when the federal government has to fly a military drone above a metro area to keep tabs on protesters. 


  1. It’s a start, just as the use of :Stingray: devices is and the use of :Gorgon Stare : in Baltimore is.
    How soon will they be armed?

  2. You can bet that the fed sigint game is strong right now. They will be identifying the key organizers and going after them…maybe.

  3. My read on this is that it was all pre-planned and pre-prepared; Antifa, Black Bloc, and all the rest of Soro’s flying monkey minions have had their orders and resources for quite awhile, waiting for the right incident. This was it.

    If Trump was smart, he’s had NSA and all the assets that were mobilized against him hard at work over the last few years identifying and preparing for this moment. If he didn’t, then he’s not as smart as I’m starting to think he might be.

    I’ll wager someone good money that the “flying monkeys” on the left are about to find themselves in a very different reality than the one they planned for. I also suspect we’re going to see some very interesting things happen, on a national scale. Some of these characters are not going to be around to disrupt the election, but how they’ll get removed, I have no idea. Would not surprise me one bit to see mass arrests of Democratic and Republican Party operatives whose OPSEC hasn’t been that good, and whose communications security mimic Strzok and the other idiots. It ain’t like Soros has hidden his machinations, or like any of the various “charitable foundations” are invisible. Little work with the FEC, little bit of banking intel work, and all their labors could be laid out for the world to see.

    My guess is that this summer is going to be very, very interesting. I’m hoping my theories about “flying monkey” roundups are correct, and we see a lot of these clowns go into prison. There are still sedition laws on the books…

    • From your lips to God’s ears, Kirk. It’s been obvious to me for at least 24 months that there was a seditious plot against Trump and his associates inside the highest levels of .gov’s law enforcement and intelligence arms. The Rosenbergs went ~3 years from arrest to riding the lightning, but not one single seditious Obamagate plotter has been so much as arrested. Are people patiently building cases, all to be unleashed in a coming Storm? At this point I’d be shocked if that happened, and pretty surprised if anybody does any real time for this plot.

      I could be wrong about this, but my read is that the Left in this country hates Trump so much that they will hound him and his children to their graves. There will be no Bush-like “Strange New Respect” for Trump, and if he doesn’t wise up and get some of these seditious plotters to prison or worse, his fate will make Nixon’s look downright rosy.

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