Interview Worth Your Time( SGM Mike Vining Of Delta Force )


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This is a great podcast interview with legendary Delta Forces Operator, Mike Vining. Guy was started in Vietnam and went all through till the 90s. You probably have heard of him but didn’t know it.

He tells some great stories in the interview and the host is smart enough not to interrupt. I wish Hognose was able to give us some of his thoughts on it. Anyway. The part most interesting to me was Mister Vining’s Vietnam story. He was part of the Cambodian incursion and was one of the EOD guys who blew “Rock Island East” before US forces left. It was named that because it was a weapons cache so big they nicknamed it Rock Island East referring to the US Rock Island Arsenal. He mentions the amount of ammo found to be used in Soviet tanks.

The Cambodian operations set the communist forces back several years. PAVN forces always pre placed their supplies forward into the area they intended to operate in before starting campaigns. It took months to get supplies down the HCM trail running the gauntlet of Arc Light strikes and SOG ambushes and air strikes and the seasonal rains that made the earthen trail network impossible for vehicles. Operations had to be planned way in advanced and the supplies pushed out.

Spoiling attacks like the Cambodian operation ruined PAVN plans and stopped major efforts. General Abrams was the only MACV commander to really grasp that fact and damn near won the war because of his insight. I could argue the fact that during his time in command, the war actually was won and RVN nearly pacified within the borders of South Vietnam. DC pulled defeat from the jaws of victory. But I’ve been getting way off topic for this post about a podcast.

He also mentions another large cache site he says that you can’t find any info on anywhere. I think he refers to it as Factory hill or something like that. I am pretty sure this is a case of 50 years taking its toll on memory. I am confident SGM Vining is really referring to “Shaky’s hill” A large complex cache and supply depot PAVN controlled in Cambodia with under ground bunkers and storage. It’s name comes from the nickname of the heroic USGI who died taking the hill. But that’s a story for another time.

He gives the full plan of the aborted Operation Eagle Claw and the invasion of Grenada and lots more. He also clears up a famous internet error about him being on the Protective detail of the commander in Desert Storm.



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