Minnesota Night 3 Begins/ Live stream/ Coverage Updates as they come


Night 3 of the Minnesota riots and looting is kicking off. It’s going to get insane when dark comes.


police scanner


Live stream showing looting already started in St. Paul.

This announcement certainly is not going to calm things down.

CNN doing it’s part to get the “protestors” riled up into a froth.

Last night was a doozy and tonight looks to be the same.



    • Fox News is reporting that they evacuated cops from the roof via helicopter, fall-of-Saigon style.

      Anarcho-tyranny: Floyd George gets the tyranny and the good citizens of Minneapolis get the anarchy.

      • Wow! Missed that part. And am no way am I even remotely condoning what happened — but LE needs to realize how truly tenuous and fragile their control and authority actually is.

        And perhaps the saddest thing about all this is that this rioting and looting nonsense is now distracting and detracting from the issue they claim is inciting it…
        And frankly, I see it as effectively trampling on the deceased’s grave.
        Makes me sick to see tragedy compounded…

  1. I really don’t understand what they’re hoping to accomplish with these tactics. I really don’t.

    Widespread destruction of economically important property means that capital flees the area, and leaves them with a bigger problem than they started with.

    This is already felony-level stuff. OK, if they’re going to go felon-level stuff, why aren’t they attacking the police directly and exclusively, and leaving property alone? Heck, they could attack a bunch of Democratic politicians (or their offices or homes) who have aided and condoned the law enforcement malfeasance and corruption and be wholly justified. Instead, they burn down their own economic base.

    • Im sure you know what their real motives are. I’m sure you have had all manner of interactions with a certain demographic.
      the “protestors” really protesting, want to influence the election
      the other “protestors” just want free air jordans, flat screen TVs and booze and don’t give a fuck about anything other than destroying things they won’t ever work hard enough to earn or build on their own

    • DG,

      One thing I’ve noticed in life is that some people aren’t very good at planning ahead. You can think through an objective and come up with a way of going about things that could plausibly achieve that objective. Some folks? That’s a little beyond them.

      And as Shawn references, for lots of folks, they are achieving their objective. Take this cultural artifact that grew out of the ’92 Rodney King LA riots:

      SSDD: Same stuff, different decade. I’m sure you’ll be stunned to hear that the singer of this song died of a heroin OD.

      And there are very powerful forces in this country that materially benefit from things like capital flight from inner-city areas. They have no interest in Americans getting along with each other. The real problem comes from the fact that those same folks agitate nonstop for unlimited 3rd world immigration. That’s a fun thought.


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