Smith & Wesson 19-3


This week’s six-shooter is a 19-3 S&W. As usual, these are from our pal Karl at


  1. You notice who made the grips? Fuzzy Farrant was one of those guys on the LAPD pistol team back-in-the-day who was way deep into making grips of innovative design. He mentored Hogue and the guy who started Safariland. I have a fairly nice old Smith Model 28 with a pair of his grips. Some required the front lower corner of the frame be modified and mine is like that, but some were for issue revolvers that of course could not be modified. They are extremely comfortable grips.

    Some discussion in this thread with some input from one of his sons, including the story of where the “Fuzzy” name came from.

    Shawn, I’d be happy to send you some pics of mine, including the frame mods, upon request.

  2. Beautiful. Much better condition than my 19-3, which has seen a fair bit of use.

    Please keep this up for us wheelgun weirdos! Much appreciated.


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