Clark Custom Guns 1911 Long Slide


Here we have another classic handgun this morning. This time a Colt commercial 1911 done up for competition by Clark Customs. The slide has been lengthened by cutting two slides up and welding two [arts back into one long slide. Jim Clark did this until factory long slides started to come out.


  1. My dad told me a story of I think either a boss or friend of his who made as big deal about ordering a long slide. I forget exactly but he made a big deal about it apparently and when he finally took it to the range he couldn’t get it to run at all and ended up grabbing it by the slide and hurtling it down the range. Dad still laughs about it. So now everytime I see a long slide i picture a guy flinging it. Haha

    Gorgeous gun. Just thought this was a funny anecdote.


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