Bausch & Lomb Balvar Riflescope


In our ongoing look at vintage external adjustment scopes we have something neat today. I have only seen two of these in person myself. One in Ashland, Ky and one in Richlands, Va. Both over 20 years ago. Yes. I remember nearly everything that has happened to me. Yes it is as big a curse as it sounds like. Anyway. B&L made these very excellent optics along time ago. One thing you will find interesting is a pretty decent copy of this optic was made by none other than TASCO. I think the TASCO copy is a more valuable collectors item. I have seen exactly one of the TASCO versions. I think the tasco version may be some deal worked out between the two companies but I’m not sure of the exact details on that.

the Balvar is 24x but is variable power.

Low end is 6x

Adjustable Obj with a lock ring.


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