More Stories of Violence In Minneapolis Coming



  1. Just as a viewer warning, I clicked through on that Twitter account, and the tweeter is an Antifa loon. He’d be happy to sow Leftist chaos and blame it on militias/threepers/the forces of reaction generally.

    The reaction will not be live tweeted.

      • I’m sure he’d be all weepy if some Threepers/gun toters got blamed for the mess in MPLS despite none of them having gone through the formality of actually showing up.

        When these guys talk about eggs and omelettes, it’s your egg they are talking about, not their own.

        This crowd is tearing down police authority so *they* can be in charge, and they fully plan to declare us fascists and Nazis when we have to take over responsibility for keeping our neighborhoods safe.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of modern American policing, but given a choice of modern American policing and the spiritual heirs of the Bolshevik Revolution, I’ll take modern American policing 10 times out of 10.

        • It won’t be the “spiritual heirs of the Bolshevik Revolution”, though: It will be something far worse, the mob.

          People really need to familiarize themselves with the history of this country, and go back and look long and hard at the reality of things before our time.

          Clayton Cramer has done a service by going back and gleaning all the lynching and crime stories he can find in the old newspapers. You look at what he’s found, down the years, and you’ll find all sorts of unexpected things, like black lynch mobs lynching other blacks, or lynch mobs pulling three men out of a jail to put on trial, acquitting two and lynching the third. Law and order didn’t happen by imposition, back in the day–Much of it was the sort of thing that sprang up from within the hearts of the general public, who tended to be a bit… Uncompromising, when it came to these things.

          Wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see judges and police chiefs dangling from the trees, either. The “law” in this country has so thoroughly discredited itself that the only alternative is likely the mob, at least for a generation or two.

          I doubt it will be the left, though. They think to foment chaos and disruption in order to take power, but what they forget is that this ain’t Imperial Russia, or peasant China. The Americas had the only middle-class revolution in history, and I rather suspect that that was no accident. We ain’t wired for the sort of thing the French did, and what will come when this all breaks down won’t look like anything anyone expects.

          • The mob always has people leading it. The group with power in a democracy isn’t “the people,” it’s the people who can tell “the people” what to think. And the Left didn’t seize the commanding heights of the institutions so that the middle class would get what they want.

            You are correct that the forces of reaction are strong in America, probably stronger here than anywhere else in the Western world. But I expect that it will be a very near-run thing.

            And we really, really want the cops on our team, not on theirs. Seeing that Antifa loon trying to link the Threepers with the rioters in MPLS was absolutely chilling.

  2. Well,as Minn. so serious about the mexi beer virus hope the protestors(some may be rioters)are using masks and practicing safe social distancing.

  3. It’s like I’ve been telling my cop friends for years: You do nothing about the egregious abuses you see going on around you, and one day you’re going to be going into work and you’ll find that literally everything has changed.

    Do note how quickly the mob found the home of the guy kneeling on the dead guy’s back. You really think that’s not a significant moment? How many cops live in secured neighborhoods, behind armed guards?

    You only police with the consent of the policed. After you lose that, you’re transitioned almost instantaneously to an occupying force, one that has to operate under entirely different rules and mentalities. No police force in the US has the manpower or the equipment to be an occupying force, and I don’t think that even adding in the National Guard gets us up to those numbers. Especially once the mob identifies the fact that the cops and Guardsmen live among them, and that their families are vulnerable.

    The police have been ratcheting up things, at the behest of the politicians and left-wing zealots who want the rest of us to pass under the yoke. They are, I believe, about to find out what the transitional state looks like in between “things as they are now” and “things as they are on the other side of the looking-glass”.

    There are going to be a lot of casualties, mostly among the armed enforcers of “order” that have been suborned by the Left, and the results ain’t going to be pretty. One of these days, not too long from now, some cop’s kid or wife is going to pay the price for what their daddy or husband does at work, and we’ll all be shocked, shocked I tell you, at what that price was. If you’re a cop, and living outside of a secured cop compound (which we don’t have any of, I would point out…) you had better be cognizant of what the implications of that are. You won’t like them.

    And, do note that I’m not in favor of what is going to happen. I’m just taking notes from extensive reading in the arena (Carlos Marighella, anyone…?), doing some extrapolating, and recognizing the realities of what is going on around me. Y’all are the idiots making this happen, not me, and when the time comes, I expect you’ll be all ass-hurt when the bill for the entirely predictable denouement of the last few generations of “policing” comes due. Y’all best get smart, ‘cos the mob don’t care that you stood aside and silently disapproved of what your peers were doing. All they’re going to see is that you wear the same uniform as the guys they see kneeling on their backs…

      • In the long term, and the larger view…? They don’t even do that. What they’re doing is cooperatively enabling tyrants, oblivious to the fact that they’re in a logistic posture that will ensure their own destruction.

        There are no enclaves where cops and the other forces of “law and order” can live, separate from the people they seek to “enforce” the will of the mostly left-oid power-tripping governing authorities. The day will come when cops families are killed, their homes burned out, and they themselves slaughtered in their sleep. They’re trying to be the Gestapo over a population that ain’t much like the compliant Jews or Russians; most American rootstock came to this country as rebels seeking sanctuary from overseas oppression, and the idiots we’ve home-grown from the residual control-freak stock seem blind to this. They won’t be able to remain in that state for much longer.

        I honestly expect that before the decade is out, we’re going to see cops and their dependents murdered in their homes by the public, in reaction to things that happened like this crap in Minneapolis.

        You only police with the consent of the police. I repeat that, again, in case anyone misses it. Lose the consent, lose your life. And, as well, probably the lives of your loved ones.

        Ain’t none of us going to like what comes next–Vigilantism, and a harsh justice imposed by victims and/or their friends. The idiots running this country have forgotten how things really work in the real world–The cops are there not as an oppressing force, but as a shield against mob violence against the criminal. The black communities that are now up in arms (to a degree, justifiably so…) against the cops will in the next few decades take up mob action against the criminals they’re trying to protect now, and the punishments you’ll see imposed won’t be simple imprisonments–It’ll be stuff like South African-style necklacings, lynchings, and God alone knows what else. That’s what happens when you allow your legal system to discredit itself the way we have with ours, and that discredit came from all parts of the political spectrum. Ain’t going to be pretty, this brave new world we’re creating. Not at all.

  4. Kirk, I wish I disagreed with what you wrote, I don’t.
    Just a week ago the Santa Rosa PD showed up to serve a search warrant in a working class neighborhood driving an MRAP and with 9 SWAT team members geared up like “Operators” in Iraq.
    It sent a VERY clear message.

    • The MRAPs are symptoms of a mental dysfunction that’s taken over the police here in the US. It’s become very much an “us against them” mentality, and they fail to comprehend how the rest of us view that crap.

      Never mind that most of those MRAP vehicles should be banned from travel on the public roads. The vast majority of them are top-heavy, unstable at highway speeds, and prone to going out of control even with fully-trained drivers that have plenty of stick time in them. In order to maintain the perishable skills of driving those things, you have to have them out and operating, getting the drivers at least a few hundred miles or so each and every quarter. No department in the country can afford that, so they don’t get it, which implies…?

      Idiots. All of them, top to bottom, side to side. They don’t realize what they’re doing, as they live out their little SWAT fantasies, and it won’t end well. Shit, talking to some of the younger cops I’ve met? They strike me as the exact sort of person you’d have to kill first in any scenario that includes reclaiming our civil rights. The mentality they’ve either brought to the job or had inculcated to them is more appropriate to the Gestapo or the NKVD, not civil law enforcement in a constitutional republic.

  5. What charges did this start over,did the guy rape a kid or something,if so,am cool with the result.

    Was this started over a ticket/unpaid fine?I have not yet seen what the original reason for arrest was.

    • Forgery. Something to do with a restaurant, so who knows? Might have been coupons, might have been a check or a gift certificate. They haven’t said, as of yet.

      That, and just behaving oddly when the cops showed up.

      No idea about the realities of this situation, or the background. Possible he was a “frequent flyer” with the police, and known to them.

      Even if the dude was a supposed kiddy-diddler, it’s not the job of the cops to mete out justice. I would be uncomfortable with a situation where we gave them the authority to kill people based on initial appearances.

      Hell, for all we know, the original complaint on this was bogus.

      • I’ll wait for more facts to come in before I make any judgments. We’ve been burned too many times, even in the last 10 years, on stuff like this to take the story, or even the video at face value. Remember “Hands up, don’t shoot!”? Or George Zimmerman the predator, stalking the streets of his Florida subdivision? Yeah, I’ll wait for more facts.

        That’s not to say that I disagree with any of the general comments about American policing–I hate those bloody MRAPs too. I agree in the general, but I’d like to know more specifics before I draw any conclusions.

  6. Why pick sides? Neither blacks nor police care about your rights and lives in enough quantity to matter. Ninety percent, yes 90%, of blacks (75% or more of mexicans too) don’t think the second amendment rights should exist although they don’t mind breaking firearms laws as nearly all gang crime is caused by them and mexicans. What this means is they want whites disarmed so they can take advantage of them. The media will not tell the truth about it either. Who owns the media, the sports teams, and the entertainment industry which profits off of them and our misery? Why is it that the biggest advocates against the second amendment are Jews? If the Holocaust was as real as the holodomor you’d think they’d want people armed right? America is now a modern equivalent of the weimar republic and it’s caused by the same people.


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