Remington Model 8


A super nice Model 8 with a vintage optic and mount. This one is owned by one of the fellas in the vintage group.

The optic mount will fold to the side to allow use of the iron sights. This would have been a pretty high speed rig back in the day.


  1. I’ll take it! Oh, wait……

    An old runnin’ buddy was quite taken with the 8/81 series of rifles and was of the opinion that the 35-cal was the one to have because you could use 158-grain JHP .357 bullets for economical reloading, even back-in-the-day when the 30 and 32 Remington were still relatively findable.

  2. The semi-auto that started the trend in sporting semi-autos. Another product of the genius of John Moses Browning (queue the Tabernacle Choir).

    It’s a shame that they’re so collectable today for ones in really nice shape or upper grades, because they are (and were) such excellent hunting rifles. I’ve run into a couple of them here in Wyoming that are still in use as elk rifles in .35 Remington. It’s a good round, especially on bigger beasts. In the mid-30 caliber rifle rounds (non-magnum) I’d recommend, the .35 Remington is first, then the .35 Whelen, then the 9.3×62 Mauser. They’re all good, they all drop heavy game well.


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