Some Words From Kevin About Memorial Day


“Happy Memorial Day?” | WeaponsMan, May 30, 2016

Somebody’s going to say it, or a lot of somebodies: “Happy Memorial Day.” And a veteran’s going to throw a wobbler. Or at least, grind his teeth.

Or, that other favorite, “This day is all about you. Thank you for your service.”

As readers of this blog certainly know, Memorial Day is not on occasion to celebrate those many of us who survive. At least, not in the USA. We’ve got a day for that, in the bitter month of November, for good and historical reasons. That’s the day for those who returned upright and animate. This day is to honor the ennobled among us, the ones that did not. And so many of us vets are thinking about absent friends, today; it may not be an occasion for happiness.

We are about to argue the opposite.

Nobody died so that you can mope around bewailing his fate. Let us consider an alternative way to think about him, about them. Let us, rather, take comfort and find joy in the fact that they lived, however briefly; let us remember them not as they died in a flash of HE, that unforgettable sound of a rifle-bullet impact, or an unstoppable running-down on the operating table; but rather, as they live: full of life and life’s joys, or even more honestly, life’s passions. [More]

Have a great Memorial Day. Grill something, grab a discount on something — we surely will. But we’ll also take a minute to remember those who celebrate with us only in spirit this year: the ones that were our friends, and the ones that would have been, if only they had lived. They fought for us, sure, but they also fell for us. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them. Perhaps you will be so kind as to do the same.

If you miss Hognose as much as we do and wish you could read something from him you haven’t already seen, Kevin had an older Blog that he gave up on for some reason or other. You can read it here. It may be new to you and as always anything he had to say was worth reading.


  1. For this memorial day, I recommend reading the book “War is a Racket“, by MG Smedley Butler, USMC.
    He was awarded two Medal of Honors.
    You can read the book free online.
    We just keep ending up with more dead serviceman to memorialize.

  2. I was reminded of the losses written about by Ernest K. Gann in his classic Fate is the Hunter. Granted, some flying over the hump but civil aviation for the most part, but the losses were gawd-awful in those days.

  3. I went to ear because the country asked. Some friends didn’t come home. Side effect of starting your career in a Guard unit.

    I’ll drink a whole bunch of beer tomorrow.


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