A Classic Pair Of 10MMs



  1. The S&W third-gen 10’s held up to full-power ammo better than the early Delta Elites, and fed more reliably than the Bren 10 on the bottom.

    However, I don’t know how much I’d shoot a 1046. That is a perfectly collectable pistol right there. I think only about 150 of them were ever made for the security force at the TVA nuke plants. I’ve seen them, with the original two mags, cleaning brush, box, papers, etc go for over $3500. I think (this is all from memory off the top of my head here), that they were DAO, with no decocker. Back then, S&W was making third-gen 10mm pistols in all manner of configurations, and they made the 1046 in a short run for one customer.

    These must be in the safe of a 10mm collector.

  2. Yes, the xx4x models of the 3d gen S&W’s are DAO, no safety, no decock.

    I was issued the 6906 (Double Action) as a Special Agent with US Customs, Customs Inspectors were issued the 6946 (DAO).

  3. Hey Shawn…the 1046 is one of the few guns I’ve never even handled, much less shot. The Brens were snappy little suckers, which I assumed was the result of a slightly higher bore axis. I have been less enamored with the 10mm since I bounced one off a big hog’s head at about 3-4 yards.
    Michael B

    • the guy who owns that 1046and Bren has an entire collection of SW autos from that time, all kinda rare. I regret not getting some more pictures off him. As for the 10Mm, I’m still in love with it. Those Underwood hardcast 200 grain loads smack stuff with impressive authority

      • Where I am, 10mm is best mm.

        Thing is, I can’t quite make a case for it outside the PNW/Alaska region. If your risk assessments don’t include bear, maaaaaybe 9mm is good enough.

        • Bears live all over this great nation. Black bears don’t run big (especially down here by the border with Mexico), and they don’t tend to be aggressive, but if you need to stop a black bear, 10mm is a much better ticket than 9mm. They are tough suckers with a heavy bone structure and a strong metabolism.

          Frankly, if grizzlies (still) roamed my AO, I’d give a strong look to the magnums like .357, .44 and .454.


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