Timber Vaults Concealment Shelf (part 1)


This company emailed us a few weeks ago and offered to send us something of our choice for a review. Looking around on their website I chose an oak shelf.

Once it arrived, I was impressed. This thing is not some pressed sawdust piece of walmart furniture. It’s exactly like they say it it.

Very strong and very sturdy.

Hardware for its moving parts are meant to last a lifetime. The bottom folds down as you can see. It goes from looking like a shelf to giving you access to firearms in a snap.

I got the model big enough for a 16 inch barrel carbine and a couple of handguns or whatever else you think should go in there.

It mounts to the wall with metal and isn’t going anywhere. Mounting instructions and various items included of course.

You use the RFID to open in it. No handle for kids to grab and nothing sticking down to catch the eye of a thief or some one suspicious.

Why RFID Is Better Than Just a Magnet

While many types of concealment shelves, mirrors and furniture offer magnet-based access, we believe RFID mechanisms offer a superior solution. RFID provides fast access like a simple magnet, but with much more security. We use this technology because the RFID card is the only way to access the hidden contents—without destroying the unit.

I haven’t gotten this mounted to the wall yet. It’s heavier and more solid than I expected. This is a heavy duty piece of .. Tactical furniture?.. The walls in the ol’ homeplace won’t support it. So I’m working putting something together to hold it. You are going to have to wait till part two to see it mounted and in action I’m afraid.

I can tell you right now though, I can recommend this thing if you been looking for a covert hide away for a gun or just for anything like this. It’s not a gimmick and it’s not cheap junk.

They also make some other nifty pieces that hide guns if the shelf doesn’t do it for you. Check it out below and come back for part 2 of the review once I got this mounted up on something.



  1. What would be the course of action if the RFID goes bad due to damage or some other factor? Can they be reissued or reset like some safes or..?

    These kinds of things are very cool and appeal to the secret door part of my brain.


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