The Top. Men. at the ATF have issued this safety bulletin. Yes, it’s real



  1. Is anyone surprised by this?
    The job of law enforcement is to maintain public order.
    Unredacted NSA data is being shared with Lawn Forcement and with their Public/Private partners through local “Fusion Centers”.
    Local police agencies are capturing cell phone information without warrants, “Gorgon Stare” which you may remember from Iraq is being deployed in Baltimore, and so on.
    We live in a surveillance state, there’s LOTS of money for these programs and of course there’s empire building going on.

    And JFC, if you can’t see that the USA is on the verge of societal collapse due to corruption you must be getting one hell of a paycheck. “It’s mighty hard to get a man to understand something when his paycheck depends on him not understanding it”

    • A lot of BS! And….extreme Second Amendment Rights???? Either you have Second Amendment Right sor you don’t, when you take part or all of it away.
      Military Clothing, I assume the mean fatigues. a lot of us including myself were green and camofloug in the woods and on the streams as trout etc can see bright colors and boots. Still have a pair from Viet Nam that I wade in. Fits my needs in the woods and streams to a tee. And…I have a 20 soemething year old pair of suspenders in red Stars and Bars I use to hold them up sometimes since I put on a little weight.
      it appears ATF has some Librul Conspiracy Theorists trying to stir up trouble. No provision in the Constitution for ATF. Time to get rid of it. The Boogaloo, …really?? I never could dance to that.

  2. What/when was the first “civil war”,this country been in many wars,we had a internal one that was a war of secession,but a civil war,no(yet).

  3. Why would you want a Boojahadeen Memes (Message on FB) flag that is 8×5 and only costs $65 when the ATF are putting out a bulliten? Regardless of how high quality the flag is. Geez.

  4. I’ve mostly decided that the folks who get all geared up in semi-military battle rattle are the ones least likely to have any serious affiliation with any revolutionary or true anarchic movement(s).

    Those that are serious know not to reveal themselves in word or deed. They know that the true revolutionary moves among the populace like a fish in the ocean. Hiding their true alignment and desires and their possession of the means to do so.

    The government bureaus have never really had to deal with a serious effort in this country (no not even Al Queda or any Militia) because they have remained silent and quiescent due to the fact that there’s not enough agitation in the population to surface. Yet. We’re coming close in the actions of a few ignorant Governors but for the most part people are waiting to see if they will push it too far.

    Yes some agencies local and national have made very bad mistakes but none often enough or organized enough to arose the populace into thinking that all of them are in danger. Yet.

    In fact by the ATF and other orgs getting all gunned up and psyching their agents about this sort of thing might actually be one of the triggers as it trickles down to the ordinary citizen. One reason for the run on guns during the “pandemic” is not so much fear of criminals but fear of government action to enforce emergency edicts.

    We will be watching and the government would be advised to back up a bit and remember that we’re ALL citizens and NONE have any more rights than another even those paid for by the government to enforce the laws.


    Please, take all the time away from investigating the real bad guys to look into this.

    In fact, let me know when you’ve cured your own “Fast and Furious” problem, then look into this.

    I don’t ‘boogalooo’, but F man, after reading this sh*t, I’m willing to learn.

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