Idiot of the day award goes to. . .



    • You just took the keystrokes off my keyboard.

      I’ve been handling and shooting guns since I was 11. Never put a round through myself.

      • Just like seeing a butcher with all their fingers a person with no self inflicted wounds indicates to me someone who has the proper knowledge and ability to handle firearms.

        Being careless or stupid or clumsy does not indicate skill at anything.

  1. I have used many saws and other dangerous equipment in 30 years of construction,was once cut a bit by a circular saw,something I have used daily for decades.

    I got cut by said saw not because was inevitable but because I simply fucked up(which I suppose one could say was inevitable.)

  2. I think you took years off my life posting this.
    “Hey guys I probably did something dumb but it’s okay ’cause it means I’m actually super cool” no it makes you are a jackwagon.

    Last I checked our sneaky types with the cool guns do not sit around pumping rounds into themselves for street cred.

    Over many years of working with fun toys and sharp tools the two kinds of people who hurt themselves with them are the young who think they know it all and the old who think just cause they didn’t get bit yesterday doesn’t mean today wont be the day the band saw grabs their glove and they can no longer give a thumbs up.

  3. Man, that’s great! I can’t wait until he brain caps himself, and see that picture. Obviously, we’re in the golden presence of a Professional. Bow down, everyone. If you’re not cheatin’, you’re not tryin’. If you’re not shooting yourself, you’re not training. Powerful stuff.


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