Isn’t marriage wonderful?

A New Jersey woman allegedly beat her wife to death with a wine chiller — a week after gushing about the “uncountable ways” her partner has changed her life, authorities said.

Well. she changed her life for sure now.

Mayra Gavilanez-Alectus and Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus

Mayra Gavilanez-Alectus (left) and Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus Facebook

Mayra Gavilanez-Alectus, 48, is being sought by Brick police in the death of 32-year-old Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus, who was found lifeless Sunday in an upstairs bedroom inside the couple’s Creek Road apartment, Ocean County prosecutors and Brick Township police announced Tuesday.

Cops responded to the residence after getting a report of an unresponsive female. An autopsy conducted the following day determined that Gavilanez-Alectus died by homicide, authorities said.

Mayra Gavilanez-Alectus, meanwhile, praised her partner in a Mother’s Day Facebook post, thanking her for the “uncountable ways” she improved her life.

“Mi amor gracias for all the uncountable ways you make this little crazy family … and my entire life better with every moment,” the post read. “[I’m] truly blessed that you are my wife.”




  1. OK, here’s little secret for those of you who don’t go into people’s homes as a result of 911 calls:

    Women seem to hate other women. And this manifests as domestic violence being the highest in lesbian relationships.


    So if you ever do find yourself being called to a female/female domestic partner situation with a report of domestic violence, know that it often is not just hair pulling, screaming and throwing of latte cups, or someone stalking out of the house with the only set of keys to the Subaru Forester.

    • Did you not see the two Seecamp double action 1911 conversion posts the other day? I expected you to comment on those.

      gay domestic disputes are well known to be the most vicious. I have a story about two gay guys who got into it and one stabbed the other one too many times to count

      • While I’d heard of them, I’ve never seen the Seecamp in the flesh (so to speak), and while I’ve seen other double-action 1911 conversions, the details in doing such a conversion cannot be fully appreciated without detail stripping them. So about all I could have said about the Seecamps is “Huh. Neat.”

        I try not to post superfluous comments on your site, so I didn’t say anything. You shouldn’t assume I didn’t see something if I didn’t say anything – there’s just times I don’t have anything intelligent or remotely valuable to add.

        Which brings me to another point: As a gunsmith, I know a bunch about a fairly large number of guns, but there is truly more stuff that has happened in America in the area of guns than any one person can possibly know. Any person (and I mean ANY person) who claims they know about “all” guns in the US is simply and truly full of shit. It’s impossible to know everything about all guns in American history. It would be like trying to boil the oceans with a single match.

        Every day I’m involved with guns, I feel more (not less) ignorant than the day before, because someone will come up with some obscure stuff and I have to go “Huh. Never heard of that…” and the next day, the same thing will happen, and the day after that. Every day brings more and more examples in front of me of how much I don’t know yet.

        eg: Those Johnson carbines. Never knew that Melvin Johnson had a commercial enterprise. I know quite a lot about the M1 Carbine (and I use it with machining students to grab their interest on what a true torture test of meeting tolerances and allowances is in manufacturing – and WHY they’re important), and I know a bit about Johnson’s 1941 rifle in WWII, but I knew nothing about those commercial Johnson carbines or the cartridges for them. Never heard of them until you put up that posting. So there was another 90 minutes of my life spent, chasing down rabbit trails…

  2. My take on the gay-on-gay thing is that when you combine two already mentally “off” people with poor impulse control, it’s gonna get nasty fast.

    Sexual identity is a core functionality in the human psyche. Someone’s got issues with that, they’re almost certainly going to be “off” with other aspects of said psyche. I can think of only a handful of “normal” stable gays I’ve known, over the years. The vast majority have a full constellation of other “issues” along with the sexual ones, and they’re why I want nothing at all to do with “gay”. Vast majority are just nuts, and I’m afraid that offering them full civil rights just to “norm” things for the few sane ones isn’t a cost-effective deal. Everywhere you look in society, if there is dysfunction, there’s usually a gay/lesbian “activist” behind it all, crusading for the nut-jobs.

    The interior decoration ain’t worth it, TBH.

    • You would not believe how women treat each other. I didn’t/couldn’t believe how women treat each other when I was younger and saw an occasional example. But now that I’m older, I fully now know how women treat each other, and almost no men treat women with the contempt and outright hatred women have for each other on a fairly regular basis.

      The biggest barriers to female advancement are other women, cutting each other down, stabbing each other in the back, playing underhanded, Machiavellian games, non-stop. And it isn’t over competing for something, either. It’s over utterly inconsequential nonsense – things like “she didn’t say ‘hello’ to me this morning!” or “she didn’t invite me to their study group!” or similar stuff. I’m talking absolute bush-league bullcrap.

      Sometimes, it is appalling how much plotting women will put into “getting even.”


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