Some Weird KAC Behavior On Arfcom Tonight


Some interesting drama on the B-ARFCOM Mainly the Knights Armament sub forum and General discussion tonight.

For the record we love knights armament stuff here at looseorunds. LOVE.

From member-uniquesnd

That was my headline when I was asking for help with an SR15 that was malfunctioning with a suppressor. Guess KAC did not like it so they changed my heading, I changed it back, then they deleted my whole thread. I thought KAC was more of a standup outfit than that…. guess I was wrong….

Of course he got some advice from this big brain..

Originally Posted By Troutman84:
Just buy a PSA upper instead. They work.

OP was running a homemade can. Which explains a lot. His problem was solved. Nothing wrong with the rifle.

The part that rankles people is KAC kept changing his thread title.


  1. Shawn,your just a bit angry Troutman came up with a good solution before you!

    On a serious note I hope you all here have a good weekend,lets take a few moments to remember those who have died in war.You do not have to agree with the politics of war to remember and respect those who died fighting/citizens just in the wrong place at the wrong time who died ect.

    I have a lot of friends who served in the sand or hills of the mid-east,luckily they all came home basically in one piece but left a lot of brothers and sisters behind.


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