Anti-Red Flag Gun Bill is Law In Oklahoma


Some good news for a change this morning.

Red Flag with State Bill 1081 on it

up,then down, after a false alarm from a local newspaper on Monday, May 18th, stating Governor Stitt had signed the Anti-Red Flag Gun Bill into law during the weekend. Later that day the newspaper corrected their story, stating he had not yet signed or vetoed the bill.

Tuesday, May 19th, just before the OK2A monthly meeting, OK2A President Don Spencer was notified that the Governor had signed SB1081 into LAW! The effective date of this new law was immediately.

This is the first ANTI Red Flag Gun Law in the entire Country!

You can read the New Law here.

You can see the Senate votes here: ( Passed: 34-9 )
How did your Senator vote?

You can see the House votes here: ( Passed: 77-14 )
How did your House Representative vote?

You may have also noticed… the anti-gun advocate, anti-Constitutional Carry Crusader, Bloomberg Minion, and Mom’s Demand Action Poster Child, Rep. Jason Lowe (D) was NOT even present to vote ‘NO’ on this bill when the House voted on the House Floor! Later he tried to persuade Governor Stitt to VETO the bill after it passed through the House ( 77-14 ). A total of Eight (8) House Democrats were ‘Excused’ and did not cast a vote.

SB1081 is the Law of the Land in the Great State of Oklahoma!

Many thanks to all the legislators who voted for this bill, to Senator Nathan Dahm, who created this bill, to House Representative Jay Steagall who presented this bill on the House Floor… and to Governor Kevin Stitt who signed this bill into LAW, late in the day on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020!


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