Redfield 3200


Long ago, Redfield made really good rifle optics. One of the models they made looked a lot like a Unertl/ exteral adjustment riflescope. It wasn’t though, it was a internal adjustment target scope that used rings like any other 1 inch tube internal adjustment optic.

I’ve only seen two or three of these myself in person. The glass is very clear and it’s a good optic. The first one I ever ran across was on a Winchester Model 54 varmint rifle.

Above it is mounted to Winchester model 52. The most excellent rimfire rifle ever made.

I bet from further than 10 yards most of you would assume this optic would be a Unertl style scope.


  1. Had one on my Pat McMillan light varmint bench rest 222.5 rifle ~ 50 years ago. IMHO comparing external vs. internal adjustments is like comparing dogs vs. cats. Liked it better than my Lyman 20X tho. The Unertl 2in. 24X is my definite preference if you can live with the extra weight and cost. Again just an opinion from a person who owned and shot all of them.

  2. I have one on one of my .219 Donaldson Wasp’s. I think I prefer the Lyman Super Target Spot that is on the other Wasp. The Redfield’s are very bright and clear, it just seems to not be as rectilinear as the Lyman. It has a larger field of view though. Six of one, half dozen of another.


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