Meriden Manufacturing Company Repeating Carbine


“In 1864 and 1865, the Meriden Manufacturing Company in Meriden, CT produced this .50 caliber rimfire repeating carbine, On January 2, 1865, the state of Kentucky contracted for 5,000 of these carbine to arm the Home Guard but the weapons arrived too late to be used in the Civil War ( War of Northern Aggression). Sven rounds were stored in a steel magazine tube located in the lower wrist area of the stock.”

Photos courtesy of our pal Karl Beining of KGB Custom. Below is a short video he made showing the carbine.


  1. hi i have one of those repeating carbines actually found it on a jobsite. its in pretty bad shape and would like to refurbish it and keep it as a collective item. if there is a way or know someone wit this knowledge please let me know.


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