Homeowner Kills Naked Home Invader


Some good news today about a home owner saving himself and his family from a guy who had more than stealing on his mind.

“So I came inside, and I saw one of our side doors was open and she was barking down the hall towards my kids’ bedrooms,” said Aaron.

The rest of the family was asleep at the time. Right away, LaTowsky says he grabbed his shotgun.

“We never would have known,” said Aaron’s wife, Brenda LaTowsky. “We would have continued to sleep and sleep through it. so I’m just so thankful.”

LaTowsky went into his daughter’s room, where he says the suspect came out with a large piece of wood, his face masked and his body naked.

“He basically was lunging at me, so it was very quick,” said Aaron. “He had his hands in the air. I could see something dark or black coming at me, and again it was very, very close, so I fired almost immediately.”

Two shots killed the suspect, who police believe to be an 18-to-19-year-old man.

The LaTowskys say this may have been the first break-in at their home, but they have always been prepared.

“God Bless America and the Second Amendment,” said Aaron. “Glad I was able to protect my family. God bless the police for coming so quick to take care of us.”



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