Unertl Iron Sights ( Part 2)


Since there was some interest over the first post I thought I would share some more Unertl iron sight photos.

A different model of the sight tube. You can see the adjustable peep better in these.

Last is a very special and rare treat. A photo of the Unertl factory in PA.


  1. Is that a suburb of Pittsburgh? AFAIK Pittsburgh and Philly were the only PCC streetcar operators in Pennsylvania.

  2. Visited the Unertl factory in ~ 71. Hoped to get a factory tour but the fellow said I was lucky to even get in the door since most of the factory was full of military stuff. He did let me compare 3 or 4 increasing power eyepieces for my 24X Programmer 200.

    About a year earlier had a 24X Redfield on my heavy varmint rifle and George Kelby’s wife was shooting on the bench next to me at Reeds Run near Augusta OH. Conditions were nasty and after the match visited with her and she said to look thru her old 2in 24X Unertl. The view comparison was like day and night. Ordered new Unertl the next week.


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