Some M14 Fun



  1. Reminds me of the ‘sniper’ who said he zeroed at 1000 yards and aimed at the head if over 1000 and at the balls if under 1000.

  2. I would say these statements are true if he got his hands on one of the new M-14’s prototypes being put out for public consumption soon by the good folks @Palmetto State Armory!

  3. Well, as an offhand observation: It is at least theoretically possible for a M-14 to kill someone at 1,000 yards.

    The same is a much less likely outcome for a 55 grain 5.56 NATO round. There’s the issue of bullet drop – at 1,000 yards, a 7.62 has dropped about 250 inches. A 5.56 NATO (55grain) has dropped over 500 inches. The wind drift for the 5.56 is ferocious at 1,000 yards – like around 100 inches in a 10 MPH wind.

    Just sayin’ – the .308/7.62 has some credibility at 1,000 yards. The 5.56 has basically none until you start loading up 77gr or heavier bullets (eg, 80 to 90 grain VLD’s). At 1,000 yards, if I’m not hearing “heavy bullets” and “tight twists” … I’m smelling a feedlot.

    Other claims in the same ballpark: An elk hunter who told me that they dropped a bull elk at 800 yards with a .22-250 loaded with a 50 grain bullet, where all he did was “put the crosshairs on his spine.”

    Yes, I have had these encounters. As a gunsmith, you develop a talent for holding a poker face.


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