XS Sights Second Generation XTI DXS Offset Iron Sights


Fort Worth, TX (May 13, 2020) – XS® Sights is pleased to introduce the XTI®2 DXS® Ember Standard Dot® 45-Degree Offset Iron Sights for AR-15 rifles. The second generation XTI2 sights are a close-quarters, secondary sighting solution for rapid transition from a magnified primary optic. Eliminating the need to adjust magnification reduces target engagement time when every fraction of a second counts.

The XTI2 features taller bases than its predecessor for easier sight alignment without having to break a standard cheek weld, and the base angle has been increased to accommodate wider lens optics. The front sight measures 0.140” wide and now features an Orange Ember Glow Dot for increased visibility.

“Our new XTI2 express sights are engineered for rapid sight acquisition in close quarters,” said Zack Kinsley, Product Marketing Manager for XS Sights.  “These advanced offset iron sights are also ideal for 3-gun competitions when targets are close – within pistol range and where magnified optics make target identification more difficult.  XS’s proprietary Orange Ember Glow technology provides a high contrast front sight in bright light and is instantly charged by the sun’s UV rays, causing it to glow in shadows and low light settings such as vehicles.”

XTI2 sight sets are mounted in front of the primary optic to reduce snagging on chest rings.   The sights ship with thread locker and a front sight adjustment tool.  

MSRP: $180.00

For more information on XS Sights, visit xssights.com.


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