Images From Michigan Capitol Protests 5/14/2020


Today the people who prefer not to live with the state’s boot on their face had another protest much to the discomfiture of the state’s mini-dictator.

Man in first picture has impeccable taste.

Even the koolaide hair types are angry.


  1. One observation: the guns of these protesters, those in VA, etc. Are a lot more squared away than anything I’ve seen when lefties show up.

    • Unfortunately, wars are not won by squaring away kit. The will to win is about 99% of warfare. The rest are details.

  2. Not having the magazine seated properly could be an indication of someone not thoroughly familiar with the firearm..or any gun.
    Images of semi auto black guns bring fear to many who have bought, from the steady propaganda bombardment of the Michel Bloomberg’s groups that the firearms are terror weapons and their Bearer’s Terrorists. would not sling one in front of me. The idea is to bear arms in ordinary day to day pursuits.
    Are these two or three Fellows ant-gunners there to give a negative projection for the media.


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