S&W 624 In 44 S&W Special


Karl at KGBcustom.com has come through again for you wheelgun weirdos. This time with a S&W in .44special


  1. Thanks Shawn, much appreciated.

    I’ve fired factory .44 Magnums and didn’t like it at all. Way too much muzzle blast and recoil, and a good way to learn to flinch. The .44 Special on the other hand is a pleasure to shoot and I would buy one in a second if I could.

    Unfortunately, the damn government here in Australia …a conservative government no less…took the advice of people who knew nothing about guns and made calibres above 9mm and .357 almost impossible to obtain.

    Never trust a politician, no matter what blandishments they offer.

    • I will continue to give you guys more 6 shooter content. hopefully every week and hopefully some I can shoot and test. this Wuhan shit has delayed Colt sending me the new python and I dont know when I will get it. I did find some .41 mag ammo though and I hope to get that S&W 41 mag back soon to do somehttps://api.w3-edge.com/v1/redirects/faq shooting with it


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