Comp-Tac New Holster for STI Staccato


HOUSTON, May 11, 2020 – Comp-Tac® recently added holster fits for the STI Staccato in the International™ Holster and the Blue Duty Holster Series™.

Comp-Tac worked directly with STI International to develop an STI-branded holster for the STI Staccato 2011® that is available on their website.

The Blue Duty Holster Series™ is Comp-Tac’s answer to LE customers who want to carry a weapon with a rail-mounted light AND a red-dot optic. The thumb-release bale is designed to work with most red-dot optics on the market, allowing officers to carry the most up-to date equipment out there. This fit is for the STI Staccato with Surefire® X300.

The International Holster is an outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster with a modular mounting design that can be worn as a belt mount, a paddle mount, or with a drop offset piece. The International Holster is a popular choice for competition shooting, having been chosen as the top holster in International Defensive Pistol Association’s Championship Equipment Survey eight years in a row. The International is optics ready and can be purchased right- and left-handed shooters, as well as in a variety of colors.

Comp-Tac started in 2001 to address the lackluster offerings of concealable holsters on the market and rapidly gained popularity in the concealed carry and competition holster markets, while also becoming a trusted source for off-duty LE and undercover military members overseas. Comp-Tac joined the High Speed Gear® family in mid-2018 to compliment the brand’s already diverse offerings.


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