Some old 1911 manual of arms


I ran across this on FB. Thought it was worth sharing. Maybe some of you can give some background on if this is still done this way.


  1. Navy basic in 1979. We fired two rounds with a 1911 and five blanks from an M14. We were instructed to hold the 1911 at the bottom of the grip and reach up to the trigger. Then went into a room where there was a 1911 on each individual table. We sat and dissembled and reassembled them by the number one time. We then signed an affidavit attesting that we had done so. Then told we would never again touch a gun while in the Navy.

  2. I never saw anyone do anything other than a rifle “Inspection Arms” over the entire course of my 25-year career. The stuff was in the manuals, but never, ever actually performed.

    Even back during the 1980s, when they still did actual Army General Inspections, I never saw it actually performed. They did say they were going to do it, we practiced it, and the day of, the word came down for everyone who’d been slated to draw the M60 to take out rifles instead. The commander, who had the sole M1911A1 in the company, didn’t draw a weapon for the in-ranks at all.

    It was really sort of annoying, TBH–We’d done all the prep work for it, and then it got curtailed for some reason.

    But, there was provision for it in the manuals, mostly in the Drill & Ceremonies. The actual pistol qual drills did not have the subject wearing the Class “A” uniform…

    There is a whole lot of really strange stuff buried back in the manuals, which are often never referred to in any way, shape, or form during a normal duty cycle.

  3. I have seen pictures of MP’s and the Constabulary doing it before heading out on patrol. This would have been 40’s and 50’s time frame.

    I never saw anyone do it during my career.

    I’ll see if I can find the website those pics were on. If I do I will post the site here.


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