Midwest Industries NEW Non QD Optic Mounts


Looking to mount your Trijicon MRO, Aimpoint micro, or one of the many red dots that attach using the Aimpoint mounting interface?

If you do not plan on taking the sight on and off frequently be sure to consider our new non QD optic mounts.

These mounts are designed to provide a snag free, clean looking, and strong mounting option that is made in the USA.

These mounts are machined from billet 6061 aluminum and are hard-coat anodized. They attach with two socket head cap screws which thread into stainless helicoils for added strength.

Our Trijicon MRO mounts are available in both lower 1/3 as well as absolute co-witness.

Our Aimpoint micro mounts are available in lower 1/3, absolute co-witness and a NV height which has a window allowing access to your iron sights.

All of the mounts have an introductory price of $64.95 with the exception of the NV height which is being introduced at $79.95


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