COVID-19 Wastes El Jefe , Moises Escamilla


Moisés Escamilla May, 45, a notorious Mexican gang leader, has died in prison after contracting coronavirus

A Mexican cartel boss has died from coronavirus while serving time in jail. 

Moises Escamilla May was one of the leaders of the infamous Los Zetas gang.

He had already spent more than a decade in jail after he was accused of carrying out a number of beheadings. 

He had been in charge distributing cocaine in the city of Cancun and had been accused of participating in the murder of 12 people who were found decapitated in Yucatan in August 2008. 

The 45-year-old died a week after he started to suffer breathing problems while at a maximum-security prison in the state of Jalisco.

He developed respiratory problems on May 6 and died two days later, but authorities only made his death public on Sunday. 

What a shame. Type, S in the comments to spit on his corpse.


  1. S.

    These fuckers are starting to appear in Australia. They need shooting, but the Chinese plague will work in a pinch.

    I hope his death was full of pain and horror.

  2. S.
    I will note that “Los Zeta’s” were initially formed as an elite anti narcotics force, trained and equipped by US Special Forces.

    That worked about as well the time times the USA has armed and trained “Moderate Jihadist’s”.

    Organized idiocy is more efficient idiocy!

  3. From his picture, he is one I’d expect to see taken out by COVID-19. He’s obese (BMI > 30), and probably suffering from hypertension and type II diabetes.



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