Endcap strike and a partially grenaded 3-lug


ARFCOM user ,JAG2955 had an interesting oopsie with his silencer

So in like 30 hours into actually having my Silencerco Summer Promo 2018 Octane 9.

Got an ILWT 3 lug and the Silencerco adapter on it.

Load up some 115gr Lawman for my MPX.

20 rd mag-shoot one, no end cap strike, seems like in good to go. Two sets of 5, checking the mount each time. Accuracy starts getting bad, so I clear and grab the can to see how hot it is. Not bad, let’s remove it.

Oh fuck, it’s twisting!

I installed it with Rocksett a month ago, WTF?

Get the can off, thinking the Rocksett let go for some reason. Aaaand an end cap strike.

Let me check my precious tube. Tube looks okay.

Remove SiCo 3 lug adapter, and I see why the muzzle device is loose.

3 lug now has speed holes.

some frag shown in pics.

I’m sad now, but I’m certain ILWT will make it right.

Link to thread below



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