S&W Model 586


Karl from KGBcustoms.com has provided some more revolver content for you weirdos who always demand more. This time a very nice 586.


  1. That is a beautiful wheelgun, a perfect size for a larger man to carry.

    My only nit (and it is a small one) is that the rollmark on the barrel looks to have raised the edges of the lettering kinda high, and I might have knocked that down with a file (by draw filing, and then polishing) a bit to make the lettering look smoother.

  2. I’m a weirdo. More please.

    I had a 586 for many years. It was a fine gun, but my other revolvers are K-frames so I traded it for a model 19 which is also a fine gun.

  3. Too many holes in the cylinder and something that nice ought to have one less hole in the frame too.


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