Scattered Shots 5/8/2020


How about some Friday fun? Below are a few loose ends that I intended to turn into dedicated posts each but couldn’t really find an angle or didn’t have enough to say on each thing.

Who doesn’t like( lust for?) a Bren 10? An icon for an old Gen-X’er like me. The above Bren 10 belongs to our pal Stuart from and if you aren’t following his instagram account you are missing out. Stu assures me he will have an article about his Bren10 for looserounds one day but he is a few rounds short of a full magazine. Go to the website or his IG account and badger him. Below is his other 10mm, a classic Colt Delta Elite.

Speaking of 1911 stuff, I did some mag inventorying the other day. I bought 5 of the Wilson Combat Vickers mags and counted up my other Wilson mags. I have spent too much money buying Wilson 1911 mags.

Last we have an image that does a pretty good job of summing up the last few weeks of living on Plague Planet.


  1. I do not like to see firearms and alcohol together.Sure,after a day of shooting,guns safely stored ect. get lit,but only after guns safely stored.

  2. Shawn,as I know someone who shot himself drunk(purposeful suicide) and have heard many horror stories about booze and guns tis a pet peeve of mine.Do not get me wrong,I love firearms/I love booze,just not together.


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