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  1. Sorry, but I blame this on the vendor. Let me explain. The average IQ is 100. A couple of standard deviations puts most of the population somewhere between “moderately retarded” (many liberals) and, “pretty bright”. We have a lot of our former opposition buying guns. If we want them to join our ranks, we need to gently guide them in the right direction. The vendor should have sensed the incompetence and spent just a few minutes showing the “new gun owner” buyer how to operate the gun and, how to load a magazine…. followed by STRONGLY suggesting proper training. “You ain’t gonna hit nothin’ the first time you shoot this thing and, it’s gonna go BANG like you never heard before” would have been a good follow up …they don’t know what they don’t know. It would only have taken a couple of minutes.

    Most gun owners know less than my two little girls…. I started them with pellet guns. Progressed to an old bolt .22 rifle and single action .22 revolver. They learned how guns work. They’re grown now and proficient with guns of all sizes and calibers (they LOVE 1911’s).

    New gun owners should be given the same learning experience you would give two little girls. Come to think of it, my parents gave their two little boys BB guns when they were 6 or 7 years old….

    • Wouldn’t it have been nice if the seller had taken a little time to familiarize the unexperienced buyer with her purchase. A few dummy cartridges to show her how to load the magazine and see if she was even able to load the magazine. Maybe she had purchased the wrong handgun. Also the owner should have been tactfully advised to take a CC class. Not that she would consider CC but to be advised of all the ramifications of owning and using any firearm. The second amendment guarantees we have the right to own firearms but does not provide the common sense and experience to safely use them.

      An 84 year old fart and a Life Member of the NRA since May 1953 when the American Rifleman was the class act of the firearms magazines.

      • Dan,
        I’m NRA, GOA and ISRA. You’re an old fart (that’s a compliment)! I’m 68. Spent my youth on Grandma’s farm, riding fence on a horse with a post hole digger, barbed wire stretcher, coil of barbed wire, fence tool ..and a Winchester 1932 bolt .22 (the same one my girls learned with). Out before dawn every morning hunting rabbits …and the occasional duck on the ponds.
        First “big” gun was a Ruger Security 6 .357Mag. with 6″ barrel, target sights and custom walnut grips. Would shoot with my buddies on Mon. nights …low score bought the beer. Old 12ga. for pheasant and duck in S. Dak. I now have more guns than I can easily count. Just invited my oldest daughter to the range to try out the new AR I built for her.
        We have almost 4 million new gun owners (estimated) after the March & April 2020 gun panic. Many of them don’t have the advantage of an “old fart” dad. I with I could take them all out to the farm! When you teach your own kids to be kind, patient, understanding and, responsible gun owners, it takes time.
        We need to understand that the 4 million new gun owners have not followed the same path that we have and, may need to be nurtured as we have our own children. Maybe they’ll stop voting for the gun grabbing democrats!

        • Worst thing I ever did… I had one .22 short left in my pocket. Drew a bead on a huge, magnificent crow on a treetop 200 yds away. Put the shot through his eye and, he dropped like a rock. I killed that magnificent bird. My dad told me to never shoot anything I didn’t plan to eat. I buried that bird and asked God to forgive me. The image of taking a life needlessly has haunted me for more than 50 years. I still hunt but, only for food. I still thank God for every bite.

    • Gun dealers have been hopping like crazy since the pandemic started. Maybe things have settled down a little, but there was a month when most of them were shoveling guns across the counter (or out to the parking lot) as fast as the customers could do the paperwork.

      Could he have done more to educate this poor lady? Sure. But maybe that would have meant that three other people would have gone to sleep that night with no guns.

      If someone has reached a global pandemic without basic familiarity with firearms, well, isn’t some of that on them? If someone has reached adulthood without figuring out that “just bang on it harder” isn’t a good strategy for managing machinery, well, isn’t some of that on them? If someone has reached adulthood (in 2020) without figuring out that typing “how to ” into YouTube is a good way to learn stuff, well, isn’t some of that on them?


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