Ouch! Part 2



  1. Any idea how long it was since choke tube had been removed and threads cleaned before shooting near salt water environment? How long was the shotgun left unattended before cleaning? What brand of choke tube is shown? Any other pertinent info appreciated. Thanks…

  2. Threaded shotgun chokes should always have a light coating of grease or anti-seize applied to them before they’re screwed in. Always. Not oil. Grease. It needs to remain in place, so oil won’t do. Just NLGI #2 grease if you want, but I find that copper-based anti-seize works the best.

    Whoever removed that choke was a bit of a hack. That’s the brutal “pry a groove into it and then twist it out with long-nosed pliers” right there. I have a tool I made that I can put inside a choke, expand it, and the knurling on the tool will allow me to extract a choke, mostly intact.


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