Moore Militaria Repro ERDL R/S Jungle Fatigue Set


Our buddy at now has up for sale nearly perfect reproductions of ERDL rip stop uniforms. They are a real masterpiece. When I say nearly perfect I mean it. Like 99 percent perfect.

It’s hard to pull off that correct bright lime green color and the blurred edge but he got it right. All the colors are as close to perfect as I can tell and I have a ton of real ERDL to compare it to.

If you ever wanted some ERDL but didn’t want to pay the insane price of a real set that you can’t even really wear, unless you are a maniac, now is the chance.


  1. Dang you had me excited. I thought it was on sale. Been torn between that exact set of ERDL or a new Ifak set up. (My med stuff is I think 2006 at the newest, terrible I know)


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