Hate Mail Part 9


A reader and obvious firearms safety expert checked in after getting triggered by the joke picture of the soldier using his M4’s muzzle as a head rest. He took it way too seriously for me not to post it for everyone’s betterment.

Silence DoGood-

You need to get over ‘yo bad self …

… because sometimes it’s acceptable to violate Col. Cooper’s second inviolable rule of gun safety. The “reverse arms” shown above is part of the D&C of every Commonwealth country and at one time also was part of the US Army’s drill and ceremonies repertoire.

At any given moment there’s somebody somewhere in the world on a skeet or trap or sporting clays range who is resting the muzzle of their shotgun on the toe of their shoe as they’re waiting their turn to shoot. Which has been an accepted practice for more than a century, even if your shotgun is an autoloader, so long as the breech is locked open. There’s even a variety of doohickeys sold to put on top of your shoe to prevent the practice leaving a muzzle ring on it.

Then there’s appendix carry, which currently is the trendy way to CCW. Because it can’t be used without routinely muzzle-sweeping your own junk and lower extremities every time you bend forward at the waist, sit or take a step. And with a gun you knowingly and deliberately are carrying loaded. So if you were being consistent, there should be a sticky at the top of the loose rounds home page damning AIWB.

And you expect me to believe you’ve never looked down the barrel of a firearm (not disassembled to the point that it would be incapable of firing, even if loaded) to inspect the cleanliness of the bore?

As for the referenced photo, the mag well is empty and there’s an empty chamber indicator in the breech. The empty chamber indicator also means the BCG not only is OOB, if can’t go into battery unless and until the blocking device is removed. That rifle couldn’t be any safer if it were chained in the rack in the arms room.

Notice that the Ozzies in my photo don’t even leave their bolts open.

And on top of that, what nitwit told you it was a good idea to mock the US armed forces in general (and that serviceman in particular) in an effort to advance the cause of RKBA? Because if you’d asked me beforehand, I could have saved you from embarrassing yourself and loose rounds. Stop trying to make points at the expense of our men at arms.

LOL. Duly noted. Now GFYS


  1. He still failed at trying to show us how it’s sometimes safe to point fully assembled firearms in other than safe directions. Nope, I’ve never looked down the barrel of a fully assembled firearm and anyone that does is doing so ignorant of basic firearm safety. Always keep your firearms pointed in a safe direction without fail, without exception. I can’t think of a time when it is okay to do otherwise. America experiences 14,000 accidental/negligent firearm mishaps resulting in death or injury per year, or 38 times every single day on average. I wonder how many of those happened with “unloaded” firearms.

  2. Shoot are we not allowed to poke fun at our armed forces anymore? I wonder if it is too late for me to cancel that crayola cake to my Marine nephew?

  3. Thank you for the kind words. “You raise your voice when you should reinforce your argument.” –Samuel Johnson

    Inspection arms at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery

    Note the move at 42 seconds. The inspecting officer deliberately points the rifle at himself and looks down the bore.

    A great deal of what we do with firearms descends from the fact that the military is the Mother Church of firearms, and that’s the way that they do it.

    Sometimes it’s acceptable to violate Col. Cooper’s second inviolable rule of gun safety.

    • To be certain its never acceptable to look down the barrel of a fully assembled firearm, at 42 seconds, you can see he’s not looking directly down the barrel. It would blow his hat off, but not his not face off. Whatever thoughts you’re having that says it’s okay to sometimes point firearms at any part of your own body need to be scrubbed completely away. It’s not even okay to do it when you’re intent on suicide, because suicide itself is repugnant unless you’re painfully dying of terminal illness. I genuinely hope you do not tell others it is sometimes OK to point a fully assembled firearm at yourself. People are often gullible and might take that ridiculous advice seriously.

      • This is why I advocate a ban on all muzzleloading firearms. If it saves just one hand or digit it will be worth it!

  4. Ha ha…he got ‘triggered’! He needs to relax and get over himself. It is just a joke.

    As a fellow soldier, I don’t care if the Looserounds crew pokes fun at us because the reality is that ‘Joe’ does stupid stuff every day. Much of it deserves a joke.

    Having said that, even if the rifle is cleared and safe, I still wouldn’t point the damn thing at my head but to each his own.

    • Yeah, it’s one thing to do the muzzle-on-the-shoe trick with a break-action shotgun that’s wide open. (Not that I’d recommend it.) But doing it with a semi or a pump is just stupid. It’s not that hard to find a way to handle your shotgun without pointing it at a body part.

  5. I have looked down the barrel of a loaded firearm more than once.
    A 12 Gauge looks big enough to walk down from the front.
    Armed robbery is not a comfortable experience, nor is having the police mistake you for a suspect.
    Build good habits and you are likely to live a little longer…

  6. I’m retired military and I’ve never seen anyone park their weapon on their ruck like that. If I had seen that, I would have ragged the ass off the troop who did that.


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